Streaming: What to do when I receive a "High Resource Usage" message

In order to ensure fair use for all customer, we monitor resource usage very closely. Often times it happens that a user doesn’t realize they are being a resource hog and they get the obligatory message that they are using too many resources. This problem commonly happens with the Auto-DJ and here’s are a couple of tips on how to fix the issue and save you from being suspended:

  • Use Winlame or any other encoder tool to ensure that the file you upload are encoded at the same bitrate you intend to broadcast. For example: if your auto-dj is set to 128Kbps, then encode your files to 128Kbps before you upload them. This is the primary reason for high resource usage.
  • Ensure that your mp3 tags are set properly. The auto-dj reads the mp3 tags from the file and if they are incorrect, then that can lead to high resource usage.
  • If you are using the DJ-Manager, ensure that your DJ’s are encoding at the proper bitrate. The auto-dj will use lots of resources trying to make a DJ encoding at 128Kbps fit on a 96Kbps stream.
  • Use Mp3Pro encoding. This not only saves system resources both on the server and your PC, but also broadcasts in higher quality as the regular mp3 encoder at 320Kbps.
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