Quick How-To DJ-Manager

Quick How-To DJ-Manager:

If you are using the Transcoder feature (a.k.a Auto-DJ) in BoomBox and have at least one playlist setup, producers can grant users (a.k.a. DJ's) individual access to the broadcast stream that will suspend the currently active playlist when they connect and reactivate the playlist when they disconnect. This way producers do not need to stop the Auto-DJ or "Kick" the source before allowing DJ's to broadcast each time. The DJ-Manager also takes advantage of the crossover settings of the Auto-DJ during handover of the stream from Auto-DJ-to-DJ and/or DJ-to-DJ

Requires: Stream server configured and running, Transcoder (Auto-DJ) configured and running with at least one playlist active. All new accounts have a demo user setup by default. This account can be re-purposed of deleted.

Creating a user:
In the "Alias" field enter a useful name, enter the username, password (minimum 8 characters. no special characters) and an email address (required only if credentials are to be sent to the user). Click Save.

Testing user access:
Note the hostname (ip-address) and port at the bottom left of the user screen and the username/password field values.

Winamp: Enter the previously noted hostname (ip-address) into the "Server Address" field, enter the port into the "Port" field, the username into "DJ / User ID" and password into the "Password" field. Select "Connect using: v1.x mode (legacy servers)" Click connect. On success the status will begin counting bytes sent.

SAM Broadcaster/Nicecast Other: Refer to the manual of the software you are using to determine to which fields get which value. Most 3rd party encoders do not offer a Username field option. In this case note the username and password of the user you setup and combine them separated by a colon. Example for a user with username "testuser" and password "testpassword123" you would enter "testuser:testpassword123" into the password field.

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