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Allalaadimise raamatukogus on olemas kõik vajalikud juhendid, programmid ja muud failid, mida sul võib oma veebilehe tegemisel vaja minna.

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SoniXCast Android App
<ul> <li>Manage your Account and Services or Pay your Bill</li> <li>Read the latest SoniXCast News and Announcements</li> <li>Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus</li> </ul>
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CastControl version
Classic CastControl Server for Linux. Important Note: After installation perform update to get the latest version.
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SAM Broadcaster Lite (FB)
<ul> <li><b>Sound Professional:</b> Advanced audio features like cross-fade detection, gap killer, volume normalization and 5-band compressor and limiter.</li> Stream in multiple formats: Formats include AAC, aacPlus, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media. Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, Icecast and Windows Media.</li> <li><b>Web Integration:</b> Give your station website a pro look with our easy to integrate web widgets. Keep your listeners engaged, show them “now playing” info, let them browse your media library and even request their favorite song!</li> <li><b>Listener Statistics and reporting:</b> See in real-time how your audience is growing. Access data logs for performance reporting and other useful reports on your station playback history.</li> <li><b>Media Library:</b> Organize large music libraries quickly into multiple categories, import information from tags and automatically look up track information via</li> <li><b>Do it for fun – or money!:</b> Generate revenue from music sales, advertising, merchandising or donations. Earn commission with links that allow visitors to buy music.</li> </ul>
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